Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas & Agile Development

If you are into software business and hearing one or more of the three terms for the first time you are missing out a lot, like I was a year or so ago. Learning about how all three work together specially in cutting down waste and reducing the need for funding to grow ones venture has been an eye opener. This is after 4 startups and about 20 years in business felt like the first week at the B School, and its not only me, when I shared some of this with the group (Philippines Software Development Association’s Special Interest Group for Product and IP development) it was eye opener for all.

In fact one of the adapter and loudest proponent of these concept today in one of our founding member of the sub-group with decades of experience in product development in companies like Microsoft and Apple at its early and growth phase, and several successful ventures over the years.

In this post and several others I will share our learnings, success and failures in following the concepts. Personally my exposure and experimentations would be for our flagship product Xamun.com and secondary exposure from the sharing of others in the subgroup and interesting findings from the web.

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