Really Virtual work-life

A friend of mine moved to Europe about a year ago, highly educated, strong on marketing and yet having problem to market himself for the kind of job he likes. There were several possible reasons why he is into this predicament, my take is due to the financial situation in Europe, Virtual is becoming real.

The traditional jobs, like the old licensing model for software, where you bought it once and used it for lifetime, is getting to be a thing of the past. Concepts like freemium, free trial are also creeping into the real world when it comes to service.

So how does this work, why is it happening. Resume and past experience are not good enough alone, newer industry wants to try before they buy. What is working for him are the following:

  • free 1 day marketing audit, leading to consulting assignment to improve their current practice
  • doing 1 or 2 day a week initial study at expense only, to lead into full time consulting engagement

Actually it can be more profitable and provide more freedom if he can sustain this course of engagement over regular grind of so called ‘stable job’, but it also requires a change of mindset. What eats up someone is the uncertainty of next deal, the solution is to build a wider network and hopefully extend your offering virtually also to wider market base.

This is the direction many of the knowledge work is moving towards, are we ready to handle it, personally and socially?

Xamun Story

Xamun Story

may be a cliche, but my true inspiration behind xamun.. why do we have to choose between work and outdoors. During school days we did not have enough money to visit and stay where we desired, during work years we keep waiting for the next vacation… which feels never enough… its the ‘what if’… what if we can bring work with us and do it where you want to.. freedom to choose without compromise… to be able to have it all